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  • Have you made a few dollars with affiliate marketing? 
  • Have you created AdSense sites that make a few dollars every month? 
  • Perhaps you have run a few moderately successful CPA offers? 
  • Even ranked a Google page 1 web site? 
  • Maybe you've been working at the whole internet marketing game for a while but total success always seems to be
    just around the next corner or just out of reach?

I can tell you that the only thing STOPPING you from being
a successful online entrepreneur is YOU.

Now I don't know what bit of the jigsaw you are missing or even what you are currently doing.

But I can tell you what many successful internet marketers are doing.

They are producing their own products, building their own lists, engaging their own affiliates and making a killing.

Why aren't you doing that? 
  • I can't create a product 
  • I need to be an expert at something 
  • I don't know how to write a sales letter 
  • I don't know anything about marketing 
  • I can't build a web site 
  • I don't know how to configure email systems 
  • I have no idea how to build a list 
AND a thousand other lame excuses
that allow you to plod on doing what your doing
and AVOID becoming a success
 Today is the day you can take your internet business to the next level

Death Of A Day Job 
two complete training courses in one. 
Ensuring you have twice the opportunity and be twice as likely to finally succeed in creating a full time online income.

#1 PRODUCT FORTUNE takes you through the very system that almost EVERY "guru" and top internet marketer uses to make Millions of dollar a year. This training will lay the very foundations for everything you do and on it's own can truly make you a fortune creating your own products.

#2  $5000 BLUEPRINT shows you exactly how to do it, step by step and even includes the template sales letters and emails, real world examples and a full case study.

Many think there's a  SECRET but the truth is
there is NO SECRET!

No-one is hiding the truth from you
and no-one is trying to hold you back.


You need just three things

1. To fully understand the business model that the top marketers use to rake in Millions of Dollars.
2. A specific plan and instructions to take you by the hand with real world examples.
3. Action to actual do it.

DEATH OF A DAY JOB gives you part 1 with PRODUCT FORTUNE
Over 20 hours of intense video training.

DEATH OF A DAY JOB gives you part 2 with $5000 BLUEPRINT
Your step by step guide to creating and launching your own product

The ACTION  you need to supply yourself - but I have included some intense training on getting the right mindset and
  a virtual kick in the rear to get you started.. 

Grab this today and you're going to to learn the exact system I have used for Rapid Product Development and Launching that can bring you in $5000+ per month again and again.
I don't usually do this but, as I am saying you can make $5000 a month from this training then, just this once, I'll take you for a quick tour of my Papal account. Click on the video below. 


But firstly I want to qualify a few things - This is NOT a magic button or a lazy man's road to riches 


  • You'll actually have to do some work  
  • You'll need to outsource some of the activities, depending on your core strengths (you'll be shown how.)  
  • You'll need to invest a bit of extra money for things like hosting and domain registration and outsoucing things like graphics if that's not one of your skills. 


IMPORTANT: If you are not prepared to do all of the above then this training is not for you. Don't waste your time or your money here if you think success does not require work and some small investment.

  • You'll be using some FREE RESOURCES that I highly recommend and use in all of my businesses  
  • You'll end up with some INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY that you can retain for monthly profits, or flip for a fast cash windfall  
  • You'll learn a REPEATABLE PROCESS that works again and again how ever many times you want to repeat it  
  • You'll gain IMMENSE SATISFACTION from taking your online business to the next level  
  • You will ENJOY THE BENEFITS from creating a real internet business 
  • You WILL MAKE MONEY, and enjoy doing it  

For me, there is nothing worse than a sales page telling all the things it is not and never actually telling you what it is.

Not here! I'm very proud of my training packages and tutorials and I am more than happy to tell you upfront exactly what you will get. So here goes

Remember this is two huge training packages in one.





Let's take look at what's inside

PRODUCT FORTUNE is over 20 hours on in depth video training. This on it's own will give you everything you need to build a solid, successful online business. The videos in this training were put together by a leading, ultra successful, Internet marketer.

Product Fortune Videos

Module 1 - Where to Start. Getting your feet firmly planted and understanding exactly where to start. The first major challenge is getting started and getting direction.

Module 2 -The winning mind set and motivation. By the time you have finished this module you will chomping at the bit and ready for anything..

Module 3 – Niche Discovery. Taking your passion to huge profits. Choosing your niche and your product. Overcoming all the barriers to “I can't make a product!”

Module 4 – Product funnel and back end strategy. Understanding the key part of your business that is prospects, leads and customers. Important information missed from many tutorials.

Module 5 – Setting up your business systems. Payment processors, lead management, product delivery etc. All the systems you need to automate and make your business a success

Module 6 - Making and Offer they can't refuse - Creating and positioning your irresistible offer. Making sure that what you are offering is so compelling that people will be biting your hand off to get your product.

Module 7 - Expert by association. Transfer of power and credibility. A simple and practical method to get instant credibility by leverage from the current experts.

Module 8 – Lucrative list building – From scratch to list. List building is ultra important for a sustainable online business so getting this going from day one is imperative. This module shows you how to build your list from nothing.

Module 9 – Traffic secrets reveals- creating an internet traffic jam. Of course getting buying traffic to your offer is your ultimate goal and this shows you many different ways this can be done to ensure a consistent stream of visitors to your products and squeeze pages

Module 10 - Email relationship mastery – Writing emails that get results. OK, you have a list, but how do you keep them happy, satisfied, stuck on your list and buying more products. Create lifetime fans on your list.

Module 11 - Joint ventures.- Nothing more than a win-win. You have your own products, you have your own list but getting jv partners to promote for you will grow your list and your revenue faster than a any other method. Making lifetime jv partners will make a lifetime business.

Module 12 – The Launch Process. When you have your own products you can create long term income steams but if you follow the launch process properly you can make huge product sales in only a few days of releasing your product.


 $5000 A MONTH BLUEPRINT is a further 8 module of step-by-step video training that includes a PDF workbook and mindmaps. This tutorial was craeted by, and the videos narrated by another leading internet marketer.

5000 a month videos

Module 1- Product Inception Discover the 3 crucial elements required for a successful product, and how to test them before you risk a dime of your own cash.

Module 2 -Rapid Product Creation I'll show you exactly how I take a product from inception to completion in as little as 7 days. I'll teach you exactly what and how to outsource, as well as the tasks you should NEVER, EVER delegate to anybody else.

Module 3 - Automated Product Delivery These 5 steps are essential to ensure a smooth product launch and delivery. Miss these and you're likely to end up with a flood of angry refund requests.

Module 4 - An Army of Sales People The crucial key to motivating JVs and Affiliates, and when to and how to engage them properly. Skip this, an the whole launch may flop.

Module 5 - The Launch Sequence I'll show you the exact emails you should send and when (including CUT & PASTE email copy that you can swipe and use for your launches).

Module 6 - Momentum 101 Launching is just the first step, you'll need to repeat these 5 things once you launch to maximise your sales.

Module 7 -Mini Re-Launches You'll learn the secret process for reviving flagging sales on an old product, to make it start to earn for you again. I'll also give you the software I had developed to collect raving testimonials on auto-pilot.

Module 8 -Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends The 3 rules of when and how to ask for help. Who you should get help from, how much you should be paying and how to ensure you get what you asked for. I'll show you how to build a master team with no up-front investment.

Module 9 - Real Life Case Study This takes you through a recent susccesful product launch so you see exactly how it happens.


Bonus Items

 Selling Digital Products On Clickbank

Clickbank Mastery


Selling Digital Products On PayDotCom

Selling On PayDotCom


FaceBook FanPage Ad Secrets

facebook fan page ads


Aditional Surprise Bonus

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 So let's just sumarise exactly what you get

  • Product Fortune Video Training  
  • $5000 a month video training 
  • Full case study 
  • PDF workbook 
  • Copywriting Master Interview 


  • Checklists 
  • Selling products On Clickbank 
  • Selling Products on PayDotCom 
  • Facebook FanPage Ad Secrets 
  • Additional Surprise Bonuses 


This was planned as a $197 Training Product but I always want to give amazing value and make this accessible for everyone so...

You can get the whole DEATH OF A DAY JOB training package for  

Only $67

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I understand that even the amazingly low cost of $67 can be lot for some people so I will make this a NO RISK option and you can basically test drive it for 30 days. I will guarantee that if you are not 100% happy with this training then you can just let me know at the helpdesk and I will refund every single penny you paid and no questions asked.


You can get the full training course now by clicking the buy button above and ensure you get your early bird bonus.

Don't wait about, don't hesitate (you know what they say "he who hestitates is lost"). This is your chance to start working as a real online buisinessman making real money from real products.

If you leave now then you will be continuing to follow the same path and producing those same inadequate results as you always have.

Don't let this one pass you by. Don't stay stuck with the 95 percenters. This is your chance to move up to the next level.

Everything you need is right here

PROJECT FORTUNE 20+ hours video training

$5000 A MONTH BLUEPRINT 9 step by step training modules


Just Click the Buy It Now button above

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